Saturday, July 2, 2011

Origami Pinwheels: The Florida Version

Origami Pinwheel: The Florida Version

I finally got these squares (originally from the this tutorial) put together. This time for something a little different, I set them on the point. As a friendly warning, I found it took me almost 4 yards of background fabric to make it work; which led to an unfortunate colour matching problem: the Kona Maize has a fairly noticable variation in the tone. This was something I had never encountered before with Kona Cottons. In fact, their consistency in their dye lots is why I favour them over other solids because I'm notorious for only buying solids in 2 yard increments and I often need additional fabric by the time I finish the project.

Oh well.


I know everyone would rather see a couple more pretty up-close photos.

Origami Pinwheel: The Florida Version

Origami Pinwheel: The Florida Version

And a bit of good news:

This pinwheel quilt

Origami Pinwheel Quilt Top - Full

has been sent off to my long arm quilter aka my mum. I hope to have some pictures by August as well as any words of advice she imparts regarding quilting the pinwheels themselves.

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