Monday, July 4, 2011

A Series of Quilt Tops

Though work got in the way of me posting, I was able to piece a few quilt tops together.

This one was planned...

Baby Gift in Progress

For a friend who is expecting their second child. I've been hemming-and-hawing over the quilting for this. I have tossed around quilting in letters and numbers to go with the fabric as well as a medallion pattern in the big square with straight lines through the 'borders'. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment; I'm still looking for /the/ idea.

This one had it's plan completely changed...

Medallion Quilt Top

I started out with the plan to make this into a twin-size quilt; however, I found myself realizing that this called out to be a wall-hanging. Since wall hangings aren't really my thing -nor is it my husband's-, I asked him what he thought. I was surprised when he agreed that it needed to be a wall hanging. Unfortunately, I don't have a quilting idea for it at all. I'm completely open to any suggestions. Feel free to comment away :)

And this one I found in a box, unfinished in strips...

Scrappy Fireworks

I remember making the blocks -um- a couple of years ago but I don't know why I never finished it and instead tucked it away in a box. In a moment of serendipity, I found it again when I was in a finishing mood. It only took me thirty minutes to 'finish' this quilt top which makes me wonder even more why it had sat unfinished for so long.

Besides the fact I actually lost it for a couple of years :)

Speaking of me in a 'finishing' mood....

Flying Geese Quilt Top

For the past year, I had the fabric cut and ready to go; I just hadn't touched it outside one or two squares. Just a little of a week ago, I found myself moving the pile of fabric yet again and decided that it needed to stop. I just needed to finish this project. So I stitched and cut. And stitched and cut. And stitched and cut some more.

It's safe to say, I won't be doing a flying geese pattern anytime soon :)

The funny thing is that I'm in a piecing mood now. I've already pulled out two stacks of fabric from our guest bedroom where I store my fabric and have left them on my cutting table.

That way, I won't feel guilty for piecing another quilt, when I have all these quilt tops

Closet full of Quilt Tops

hanging in the closet waiting to be quilted :)

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  1. Beautiful quilts and are you sure that isn't my closet we're looking at??????? Very similar.


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