Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday: May 18

The academic year has come to an end for me. And though I have a six week contract with a professional theatre company, I have more time to quilt and work on other projects...like clothes -or so I tell my husband (no really, I'm trying to make a few new dresses) but in reality, I'm playing around with some doll-related projects.

And before I show you my current doll project....

How about my on-going quilting project?

The end is in sight.

Pink Texas Pinwheel

I know I have been saying that for a while, but I think I can honestly see the end.

Luckily, the little one is still at least a month away from making her grand appearance.

A New Baby Present

I've finally started piecing this baby gift though I've been planning it for at least two months.

Baby Gift for a Little Boy

I'm using French General's La Petite Ecole for this baby gift. It took me a bit to get started on this project because of the green fabric. I simply couldn't believe this was the best choice for this fabric line as there is no overt green fabrics in this particular line. It was great to realise that my art professors in college really knew what they were talking about with colour theory after all :)

And my current doll project...

A couple of years ago, I was given my grandmother's doll bed (made by one of her uncles in the late 1920s/early 1930s -- she's told me who probably a thousand times but I keep forgetting). Since that time, the frame has been sitting in my guest bedroom because MGO and I don't have any children.

About a month ago, I decided enough was enough and it was time that I made it a proper doll bed (okay, it has to do with the fact that in a couple of weeks, I'm receiving an antique twin bed that this doll bed coincidentally coordinates with it).

So far, I have gotten this done:

The Bedding Project

One muslin mattress (which is hard to see in the picture but it turns out doll beds are hard to photograph) made with left over muslin from my Curtain Call Dress and random left over batting.

I'm hoping to get a pillow, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet made for it this week, which leaves me with a quilt and an afghan to make for it. Before I make it another set of sheets. And then call the project done.

I know. I know.

I've lost my mind but at least any little girl who visits our house will enjoy the miniature bed.


  1. the quilt is very nice. And I really must get some of the French General fabric. its gorgeous.

  2. I love the pink and white fabric for your quilt. That's going to be such a pretty quilt. The French General fabric is great - what a nice baby gift that's going to make! I just started following you, maybe you'd like to follow me too? Thanks!

  3. I think the green really does make the prints in La Petite Ecole pop nicely, so I think it looks great. :)

  4. The fabric is perfect for the baby quilt and that little bed is SO sweet. What a treasure.

  5. The pink and white quilt is so cool (I have some of the fabric with circles and it's one of my favorites!) The bed is going to be amazing. Lucky little girl.

  6. What a treasure that doll bed is and then having the big bed to match it. Wow, I am sure I would have it just for show. A nice quilt will be perfect for it.

  7. What a sweet bed! And I love what you're doing with the French General fabric!

  8. Those pink and white fabrics are wonderful! Thanks Candace for the lovely comment on my blog. Ill be going on holiday soon so wont be around it for two weeks, perhaps I just need a break.

    Thanks again for your comment I really appreciate it.


  9. I love the pink and white, that'll be a super cute quilt. And the green works great with those fabrics! What a nice gift!

  10. That pink quilt is just lovely, and I really like the green with the French General fabric. Everything looks great! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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