Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Curtain Call Dress 2011

Every year my department hosts an end-of-the-year banquet. The students all get dolled up as we celebrate and recognize our graduating seniors.

Last year was the first year I attended and I felt that I was so, so, so under-dressed for the occasion that this year I was determined to wear a cute cocktail dress this year.

And here it is...

Curtain Call Dress

I finished it at 5:15pm on Saturday for a 6pm Curtain Call the same night.


When I blogged about it here, I seriously didn't think I would cut it that close. However, I ended up having to redraft the skirt twice on Saturday because I wasn't thinking when MGO made the first mock-up and again, when I made the second mock-up. We made both mock-ups on 120" muslin which is perfect for a large circular skirt; and a problem if your final fabric is 45" wide.

Major whoops (okay, I really said a lot of cusswords but you get the point).

So it took five hours to re-draft the skirt to include two seams so I could cut the skirt from the 45in fabric and two seams that lined up with existing seams in the bodice.

All in all, after a lot of tantrums and more than a few choice words, I love my new dress. It was surprisingly comfortable and I can't wait to wear it again.

Oh and my puppy approves of it too :)

Curtain Call Dress with Keely

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