Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday: May 3

I can't believe how much I have finished in the last week!

The dress that MGO started? Finished!

The two quilts that needed the binding finished? Done!
Update: Hand-pieced Broken Dishes Quilt

Teaser -- Two Finished Quilts

Now I just need a pretty day to shoot proper photos so I can show you these two beautiful babies.

The origami pinwheel quilt top that I had been screwing around with? Done.

Teaser -- Texas Origami Pinwheel

Again, I'm waiting on a pretty day to shoot photos. For some reason, winter made a brief appearance here starting on Sunday -- cold and wet. I'm not suppose to wake up to the outside temperature being 36 degrees Fahrenheit (as it was on Tuesday)...in May...in North Texas.

The Anglophile in me was just hoping that I had somehow broken the space-time-continuum and wound up in London, but alas that was not the case. :)


After all that, the only project I have focused on is my "Pink Texas Stars" quilt that I'm in the process of hand-quilting with no. 12 perle cotton. I've gotten a lot done and depending on the rest of the week and if I have to proctor any exams, I may get this baby finished sooner than later.

Pink Texas Stars

And MGO started working on a new dress for me...

MGO's 2nd Dress

Isn't he doing a great job for only his second time sewing? Especially since I had to take over the last dress because it required some advanced skills in pattern drafting.

He is having so much fun with this new skill set he is learning. I just think it's funny that he got me brewing beer and I got him sewing.

Speaking of brewing, here is my current WIP in that arena:

Porter in Secondary

It's Austin Homebrew's Anniversary Porter currently in secondary. We should be kegging it this weekend when the husband brews again.


  1. Beautiful quilts!! I looove the fabric on the pinwheel quilt!

  2. Oh my - so much accomplished! Good for you. And love that you got TWO quilts bound this week - cool!

  3. I am so impressed with all you accomplished this week! everything looks fab. Nice work.

  4. Love the origami quilt! Beautiful.

    (And it was cold here in Alabama too! What gives, weather?)

  5. Nice work! I sure like that origami pinwheel, I don't know it. It looks a bit like cathedral windows, is it the same kind of technique?

  6. love the rose colors! How do you manage to do so much???

  7. Love the origami pinwheel and the fabrics you've used. Sounds like you had a very productive week.

  8. All of that pink is just beautiful!


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