Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Sneak Peaks...

I finished the quilting on my Pink Texas Stars Quilt.

Pink Texas Stars

I found myself on a roll this past Thursday and by Friday I was determined to finish it. At this point it's all set for me to attach the binding. That is if I can find the coordinating yardage in my house which I set aside for this purpose.


Regardless, it may be a bit before I show everyone the complete quilt as it is a baby gift and I typically don't put gifts up on here until after it's been given. Hopefully, I will know sometime this week about a baby shower or at least a time frame :)

Last night, I started quilting on my next project:

Quilt Top: Rings and Squares

Quilt Top: Rings and Squares

The fabrics are from Sanae's Arcadia line from around 2008/2009/2010...yeah about then :)

It took a long time for me to decide on how to quilt it. I hemmed and hawed. Bought 3 different colours of perle cotton before I settled on an ecru (DMC 712) and went through 3 different sizes before settling on a combination of both perle 8 and perle 12.

The funny thing is is that I ultimately decided on three different quilting patterns to be used throughout the quilt depending on the 'square' I'm quilting and the location of the square. That will make more sense when you see the finished product but here is what each quilting design looks like:

The Fleur-de-Lis
Quilting Pattern 1

The Cross Hatch
Quilting Pattern 3

And The Echo
Quilting Pattern 2

Most of the quilting is done with perle 12 except the fleur-de-lis itself. That is done with perle 8 to give it a slight emphasis in contrast to the cross-hatching.

Now, I'm just wondering how long is this going to take :)

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  1. Loved! Loved! your photos of hand quilting projects. You've inspired me to get back to quilting although my life seems so full. I also notice you use the PVC pipe type quilt frame. I use the round wood ones but will give them a try.


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