Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday: February 15

I've found some order and sanity in the midst of all my projects since the last time I joined up with Lee @ Freshly Pieced; managing to finish the The Jack In The Box Quilt, my Stash-Busting Dress, and the baby afghan I was hooking (sorry no pictures yet).

Oh and I made a carpet bag for a theatrical production in the midst of all this as well. I have definitely been a busy bee.

Right now, I'm focusing on one quilting project and one crochet project.

Still plugging away at hand-quilting this lap quilt

By my estimation I'm nearing the 80% marker. My goal is to finish it completely by the March meeting of my local Modern Quilt Guild.

This I have to admit is a new project that I started on last week. With the baby afghan finished, I needed something small that I could cart around with me and this lap afghan was born.

The Ripple Pattern is from the lovely Lucy over at Attic 24 though I have made some minor design adjustments; and the yarn is this lovely bamboo-blend yarn from Naturally Caron's Joy line. It may very well be my new favourite yarn to work with --only wish they had more colours available.


  1. Congratulations on taking projects off the WIP list! The quilt you're working on has such beautiful colors and awesome quilting!

    Hooray on the afghan!

  2. Yay to order & sanity! Gotta have a little of that in life sometimes. I really love your afghan! So pretty! Your quilt is amazing! I wish I had the patience for hand quilting. I actually tried it once & liked it, maybe I should give it another shot!


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