Sunday, August 7, 2011

Modern Quilt: Blue Bows

Well I ran out of scraps from my Curtain Call Dress, so I called it done.

Blue Bow Quilt Top

Blue Bow Quilt Top

It ended up being a perfect crib-sized quilt for some friends of ours. However, for now, it is hanging in my closet until I finish the wedding gift.

If anyone has any ideas for the quilting, please leave me a comment. At this juncture, I have absolutely no ideas what to do.

Oh and I thought I would share this photo with y'all.

Most of the photos I take, I do very little, if any, photoshop work on them because I'm frankly that lazy. I wish I could say I tinkered on this one...

Blue Bow Quilt Top

But I didn't.

Nature did.

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