Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Rare Treat: A Modern Quilt from Me

I haven't done much quilting this week as I volunteered to act as a seamstress for our Properties Master. Sadly, the work is finished, but I can't show you all pictures quite yet --especially the one I'm tempted to ask for at the end of the run.

Until then, how about the rare treat I alluded too...

A modern quilt from me :)

Modern Coins -- Front (full)

Though I appreciate modern quilts and their makers, most of my inspiration comes from the patterns found in the Kansas City Star and the various aesthetics of the quilters in my family -especially my momma's Grandma Sue (as soon as I get my hands on a digital photo of her, I'll share images of her work --at least the ones that are in my possession).

My Modern Coins is made from two charm packs from Tula Pink and some Kona Espresso which may very well be my favourite neutral. I don't know really what inspired this quilt, but I do know who.

One of my beloved partners in crime :)

Over the course of last winter and early this spring, my friend went through a rough patch in trying to find a new apartment in DC. With her being as Southern as myself (though I regretfully admit that she is not only a Tennessee fan but an Ole Miss one too which makes my LSU heart shudder), I thought a house-warming gift to celebrate her new apartment would be in order.

And what better than this quilt with it's bright colours (and lots of pink which I just associate with her) and clean lines.

Deciding on the quilting pattern proved to be a bit tricky. I really wasn't sure how to compliment the patchwork and the fabric with the quilting. Until one day it hit me.

Modern Coins -- Detail (front)

I used various colours of no. 5 perle cotton, most of which I found in my stash with the only purchase being the chocolate coloured perle cotton in the wide stripes. With that decision made, I thought that anything too complicated with the stitching would be too much. So I hand-quilted a single line of echo quilting in each large square and then using masking tape, laid out the straight lines across the solid stripes.

Modern Coins -- Full (back)

Modern Coins -- Detail (back)

Though something completely different from what I usually do, I have to say in the end, it still screams me as a quilter. Which is what really matters in the end, right?

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  1. And I am patiently waiting for it to get cool enough for me to use my lovely housewarming gift!



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