Thursday, May 26, 2011


And the lucky winner of the charm packs of Sherbet Pips is...

mooncalf who said...

Wow - your quilts are beautiful! I've made a couple of baby-sized quilts but the next thing I'd like to try is an adult-sized quilt for my newly-redecorated bedroom. gulp!

Mooncalf -- I have sent you an email. Once I have your address, I will ship the charm packs to your side of the pond.

To everyone else -- Thank you for participating in my little giveaway.

Several of you mentioned projects that I have now added to my infamous to-do list (i.e. New York Beauty Quilt and a Cathedral Windows quilt), but for now I need to concentrate on all the baby, wedding, and graduation gifts I need to finish by the end of June as well as my hand-sewing commitment to our Props Master at the Shakespeare Festival I work for during the summer.

And to all of you who are newbies to quilting, enjoy the journey! There is nothing more fun to me, then to look back at some of the first quilts I made. Oh what I have learned over the years :)

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