Monday, February 14, 2011

Wedding Quilt: The Kerrs

Though the actual quilt won't go into the mail tomorrow, I'm going to go ahead and post the pictures of this gift that I actually finished in 2010.

This quilt is quite different from what I usually do. It came about from a impulsive purchase of five fabrics at a local quilt show that contained this beautiful lemon yellow. My mum -who is also a quilter- and my husband -who simply loves me- thought I was so funny when I came home with the purchase because I was /that/ excited over the yellow in the fabric.

Modern Squares - Front

Per my usual, this quilt is hand-quilted. Nothing fancy, just straight lines around the 'squares' with no. 8 black cotton.

Modern Square - Detail of the Front

And for the back...

Modern Squares - Back

Modern Squares - Detail of the Back

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  1. I think I've neglected to comment on this because I AM SO JEALOUS of the Kerrs :)It is beautiful. I wish we would have received such a meaningful gift at our wedding [not that I'm complaining family!]

    You should get your form out for clothes...I just bought the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern by sew liberated. Looks like it will take maybe 2 hours to put together!


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