Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finished Quilt: Lady of the Lake

Update: I decided to link this project to Quilt Story's Fabric Tuesday

This has been a three-year project and I'm proud to say "It's Finished!"

I started piecing all the HSTs required for this particular pattern my first semester I worked for my current University (Fall 2008). The fabrics are from two different Tula Pink Lines, Nest and Flutterby

Last year, my momma bought a long-arm quilting machine. When it came time to visit her and my daddy later that summer, we put this quilt on her machine (simply because I didn't want to hand-quilt this queen-sized quilt). I know -- it's machine quilted. Still not my preferred method to quilt, but I survived.

This also is the first quilt I have made with me and my husband in mind. I hope he's excited about the new quilt for our bed as I am about finishing it.

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