Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Quilting Legacy

I never quite understood how lucky I was until a few years ago.

People often ask me how I started quilting. Frankly, I've never come up with a good answer as it has been a part of my life for my entire life. I often describe my beginning with quilting being a young girl and fascinated with the hexagons my momma carried with her where ever she went, sewing them together; while, quilts/afghans/clothes/toys made by my family members have always graced my bed.

When photographing my Lady of the Lake quilt, the idea for this photo hit me...

The quilt makers from bottom to top: Me; My momma - Susan; My momma's mother, Lucille; My mother's maternal grandmother, Susan; My daddy's paternal grandmother, Estelle; and my daddy's maternal grandmother, Myrtle,and his maternal great-grandmother, Calie Bell (they made the Sunbonnet Sue quilt together - according to my paternal grandmother to whom the quilt belonged).

Oh, and my momma's father -Paul Sr.- made the table you see the quilts sitting on from a 18th century barn that had been torn down and the wood discarded. It's my sewing table now, but it used to be my grandparents dining room table.

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  1. What a neat collection! You are a lucky gal, and it's great that you know who the quilters are and some stories to go along with them. Way to keep up the tradition :)


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