Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday: January 19

I'm back!

Here is how my WIP's are stacking up. Or at least the progress I have made on some of my projects...

1. Lady of the Lake

Got some of the clipping done. Not a lot due to the size and the shear number of threads but you can see progress...

What I'm starting with? (On the back at least)

And where I'm going to (sometime this year)...

2. Broken Fiesta-ware

My goal was to finish the quilting and due to being sick, I got it done! I know, there is something wrong with me. I blame my mum and my inability to sit still even when I'm sick. All being sick did was keep my butt firmly planted in bed or on the couch -- perfect for quilting :)


Back -- so you can 'see' the quilting (no. 5 perle cotton in a bright yellow) as well as the binding material that should go on this week. Yes, I'm addicted to colour

3. Granny Square Hexagon
I realised no one could tell just how much progress I made on this quilt, so in the future, I'm going to try and provide you with a picture of the whole afghan. By my estimation I added a couple of rows and a few more columns. Also I should have mentioned this in my previous post, but if you are interested in the pattern (and are obsessed with hexagons like me), you can find the lovely tutorial here at Attic24

And the detail...

4. Garden of Stars
Due to sudden trip that involved sitting in the St. Louis terminal for several hours, I actually got a lot down on this quilt. Here is what I got done...

I'm so in love with the largest star that I'm thinking about working through the design a little more and entering it in the hosted by Quilt Story.

What do y'all think?

I usually shy away from competitions within the modern quilting community as most of my inspiration comes from classic 1930s patchwork patterns (the star above is no different...I promise) as well as even older patchwork patterns/quilts and to be honest, I feel out of place. I just love this star so much though and I have a way to make it even better -- though it may mean breaking my fabric diet resolution.

Lastly --

Nothing to report on cleaning and organizing my new sewing area or progress on the 'Charlie Brown' quilt. I got a little work done on both but not enough to feel that I accomplished anything...not like with the above projects.


  1. Love your hexies and all your sewing.

  2. Wow- I LOVE the fiesta ware quilt. The colors are just so beautiful. You should definitely enter the competition. Hexagons are so popular right now and that's a neat way to use them... keep us posted!

  3. Love the colors in the broken Fiesta ware quilt!

  4. Lots of beautiful projects here! I just love those granny squares, and your quilting is incredible!

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a great week!

  5. Granny hexagons! Love that one - I got a book for the holidays with a bunch of different designs that make me want to crochet all day. I like your stars! The way that you put together the fabrics really plays well with the design!

    I used Kona Berry for my purple in the quilt. It was an impulse purchase that turned out quite well!


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