Monday, April 18, 2011

PHD No More!

Actually I didn't just finish one PHD. I finished TWO. Today!

To quote my husband (in a very thick Cajun accent) -- "What had happened here was..."

I needed a box to pack a wedding gift (specifically this quilt) and the only box I could find in my entire house that was big enough held three PHD projects. One of them about a year old which I'm still working on.


Double Irish Chain

Which only ended up being crib size in the end. I can honestly say I learned a lot about strip piecing by attempting this project. Most importantly, I learned about how I should work in the end. Nothing will ever come of this top more than likely outside of something I can practice quilting on.

And one

Yes this project is almost a teenager. And it's not even quilted yet.

Barn Raising Tripple Rail

Funny thing about this quilt is it is one of the first ones I pieced using a machine. One of my sorority sisters has it's twin as it was her wedding present in 2001 (yes you read that right). My mum and I still argue to this day as to how I managed to follow a pattern and cut enough fabric for TWO queen size quilts. Regardless, it was the last time I ever pre-cut a quilt top. Typically, I cut as I go now. It may be slower, but since I don't use a design wall or pre-plan a quilt more than having a block design in mind, it works for me.

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