Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Finished Quilt: The Charlie Brown Quilt

It's done.

It's done.

It's done.

Oh, my god; it's done!

After almost ten months of quilting this baby off and on, I have finally finished it. To say that I'm excited, might be the understatement of the year.


Made from Moda fabrics in my stash (please know my stash has been growing since 2000; I think these were purchased around 2005/2006 when I first moved to North Texas) with Kona Espresso and Bella Solid in Goldenrod(binding).


For his version of the classic 'Streak of Lightening' quilting pattern, I used Anna Maria Horner's Folk Dance Quilt pattern, which can be found on this page here.


Oh, and did I mention the 22 skeins of Anchor Perle Cotton No. 5 in colour 311, in which I handquilted this baby.



I doubt this baby will ever leave my house unless someone out right asks for it.

And I adore them.

Very, very much.

Update: I decided to link up with QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday again.


  1. I adore your hand quilting :) The multi-row design looks stunning on both the front and the back. Well done, ma'am!

  2. You must have been first in line when Patience was handed out or something! Such detail is sew rarely seen in today's quilts. Delightful!
    Mrs. Hearts

  3. Hello! Vow this is wonderful quilt! I love also that on your header! That's great you hand quilt - I like that also! Thank you for your visit and comment! Teje


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