Sunday, April 24, 2011

How I Spent My Easter Sunday...

Or more succinctly - "The Day I Learned that my Mother is a Saint."

Or better yet -- "The Day I Finally Agreed to Teach My Husband How To Sew."

Or in reality -- "The Day I Let My Husband Actually Touch My Bernina."


Mi Galego Obstinado and I realised that we had two items we needed to accomplish today: I needed to brew my Porter (oh have I mentioned I brew beer also? well, that is for another post where I explain how my husband became a demi-god amongst his friends because /I/ brew) and I also needed to start work on a dress for the end-of-the-year party my work hosts for our graduating seniors. And if you have ever brewed beer or had to make a muslin mock-up before you actually sew a dress (damn my measurements), you know that there was no way to do both in the same day.

So, MGO and I decided that he would work on the muslin mock-up.

You see, what I haven't told you is that he has been after me for YEARS to teach him how to sew and draft patterns enough that he can help me make clothes or for him to make them himself. MGO is completely fascinated with the process of how clothes are made. Half of his interest I swear is from him being an engineer and computer scientist but the more interesting aspect of his interest is because his aunts (from here on out referred to as Las Tias -- it's what we refer to them as in the collective) ran a clothing store in Vigo, Spain for years where they sold ready-made and custom clothing. The first time I met Las Tias we bonded over sewing and crafts despite the fact that they speak no English and I speak very little Spanish and Galego.

This all brings me back to why I think my mother is a saint - watching MGO use my Bernina: teaching him how to properly thread my machine, put in a new bobbin, hell- watching him sew with pins in the fabric - led me to calling my mum to tell her this because I literally had to sit on my hands or be fussed at to 'don't help me' in order to let my husband learn. All the things my mother admitted to doing when she started to teach me until she gave up and sent me to work for someone else.

However, at the end of the day, he was able to do this...

Mi Galego Obstinado's First Sewing Attempt

I've already tried it on, made mental notes on where I need to alter the pattern to fit my body better; so tomorrow, I'll re-draft parts of the pattern and make up a new mock-up so he can help me tailor it further when he gets home.

It may have tried my patience and sanity today, but in the end, can I say I'm a lucky girl?

And glad I brew beer.

I needed the drink :)

P.S. After much thought, I decided against telling everyone where I got the pattern as it is so poorly drafted that I doubt I could make a dress for my sister without serious tailoring -- and she is a sample size.

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