Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Gift: Fleur-de-Lis Crib Quilt

It is officially finished --as in sent to the brand new parents.

I have to admit that this quilt was a lesson in being brave for me.

When I pieced the top, it was the first time, I had futz-d around with the Lover's Knot pattern and it would be an understatement when I tell you that I learned alot. Though a relatively simple square, executing it the way I did (the same way I had watched my mum execute it), I realised my momma had it right when the Lover's Knot she executed got nick-named Damn Lover's Knot. I highly recommend that every quilter try this pattern at least once in their lifetime but if you would like a way to make your life simple with this pattern then I recommend you think of the 'knot' as the acutal square and not the four blocks that make up the knot. Your sanity will thank you.

Then it came time to quilt the top and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what to do. So I ended up sitting on the quilt for close to two years. Pulling it out, looking at it, and then simply putting it back into the growing pile of quilt tops I was accumulating at an unreal pace. Suddenly, over the summer in the midst of a remodeling project (that still isn't done but that's another story), I needed something to work on and since I very well couldn't piece nor piece a backing because I had lost my sewing area, I started pulling out quilt tops that was under 45" wide. The moment I pulled it out, I saw that the knots kind of made a fleur-de-lis shape. From there, using the actual knot to guide me I started to quilt fleur-de-lis with no markings up front and loved it. Unfortunately, I started to panic it wasn't enough so during a Saturday sew day with the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild, I asked fellow quilters for their opinion. By that point I had come up with the idea to quilt the black knots as knots in black as to not distract from the green fleur-de-lis and they agreed as well as provided the idea to quilt partial fleur-de-lis along the edges.

I have to say it was one quilt that I kept looking at amazed that I had made that.



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