Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dallas Modern Quilt Guild

After years, and years of quilting I finally joined a quilt guild. I stumbled upon the The Modern Quilt Guild which led me to The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild. Can I gush for a moment and say how great this group of women is?

First off, it is so nice to be around a group of women who came to quilting from so many different directions. One of the most off-putting things I have found with many quilt guilds is that they are made up of people who think quilting can be done one way and one way only. Not these women who are fueling the artist in me. Last night at the monthly meetings show and tell, I saw examples of portrait quilts, first quilts, I-need-to-make-something-NOW quilts, machine quilting, hand-quilting -basically EVERYTHING.

This was a wonderful experience for me having felt like an outsider in the quilt world for so long though when you get down to it I am a traditional quilter. Besides learning from my momma, I hand-piece hexagons like her grandmother taught her, and I do a lot of hand-quilting. That being said I also machine piece, often hand-tie quilts, and quilt in pearl cotton. I have never thought that anything I did was 'wrong' but over the past few years, there may have been one or two moments where my temper may have gotten the best of me and I knocked a few quilters in my area down a peg or two when they verbally attacked me claiming there was no way I could have quilted as long as I claimed and I was doing everything wrong.

Now though having met this group of women, I'm proud to say that -yes, I may be a traditional quilter but with modern sensibilities and a hint of laziness.

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